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08 September 2008 @ 09:31 pm
[Closed Log] Meeting the Idiot  

Who; Gaara and Lee

Where; Lee's apartment

When; One o'clock, Monday, 8th September

What; Gaara comes to inspect Lee's apartment as a potential home

Warnings; Lee's a warning on his own, but nothing else



Gaara checked his watch, it was one o'clock on the dot. The young director believed being on time was a matter of respect and if he was going to prove to this person he wasn't some kid but was, in fact a paying adult he'd need to impress him. Although, if you took the voicemail and follow up messages into account the man was either easily impressed or a fool. ...

The red head winced at the prospect of actually talking to such a loud creature face to face. He would have rather avoided it but sadly, apart from a spot on Hinata's couch, this was the best offer that he'd seen since arriving here. Taking a few deep breaths he knocked three times on the door and awaited his hopefully soon to be land lord.


Lee rushed around the room for the third time checking everything was tidy. 'Okay, it is fine, you are fine, it will all be-' KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK "Yah!" Lee jumped and glanced at the clock. One on the dot...so he was punctual. That was good. Lee straightened himself up and took a deep breath before opening the door.

"Hi there! My name is Rock Lee! It is nice...to...meet..." Lee's mouth stopped working as his brain caught up. It was the angel from the market the other day.


Gaara made a noise in the back of his throat and looked up at the noisy green clad man in front of him... "Gaara." Was all he said as he thrust out his hand, he knew the forms of polite greeting, he'd had it drilling into his head at school but he'd never been appreciative of handshakes. "May I come in?" He asked in his almost monotone soft voice.


"Mah...bah..." Lee's eyes bulged, but luckily the mental Gai-Sensei who kicked in in emergencies punched his brain and he shook his head and took the offered hand. "Yes, of course! It is nice to meet you." He stood back to allow the red-head entrance. "Come in, take a seat." 'Oh god oh god oh god oh god'


"...thanks." He replied taking back his hand a little too quickly and then stuffed it into the pocket of his black jeans. The young director edged around the taller man and into the apartment appraising the place with every step he took towards the seat.


"Did you want something to drink? Eat?" Lee asked, twitching his fingers nervously as he shoved them deep into his pockets.


"No...thank you." He just wanted the details of the flat, he didn't need to be wined and dined by this man and his odd twitchy loud ways.


"Right, right! Sorry. Um, well, this is it!" He twirled slightly, throwing his arms out to demonstrate the space. "Ta da. Did you want to see your room? Or the kitchen?"


He blinked as the grown man span around like a five year old... Who the hell was he thinking of moving in with? "Both, if I may and the bathroom. I also require information regarding the rent, bills and any rules you might have. Is there anything you need from me?" He stood hoping that it would prompt the man to take him on a tour


Lee mentally slapped himself for acting like a dork and gestured for Gaara to follow him into the kitchen. "Well, the rent is pretty much negotiable. It depends on what you are currently earning and how much you intend to help around the house. You will have your own phone, and we will go halves on the electricity and water bills. This is the kitchen." He gestured broadly at the small, but tidy, space. "There are not many rules I would implement. The only one really is that you do take care of the house. Oh! And I would prefer to know in advance if you plan to bring any...company back with you at any time." Lee mentally grinned and high-fived himself. A nice, subtle way to see if the red-head was single.


Gaara nodded as the young man spoke, following him around the apartment. It looked good, spacious and clean, everything he could have wanted apart from the loud flat mate, if only he could have brought Hinata with him.

"I don't keep company..." He mentioned absently as he wandered after Lee, not sure if the man was on drugs if he really was this perky in real life. It was impressive.


'YOSH! He is single!' Inner Lee did a little victory dance. Outer Lee just nodded with a smile and led the way to Gai's room. "This is the room you will be staying in. That is, if you decide this place is okay. It still needs things removing, but Gai-Sensei will be moving out on Wednesday..." He gave a sad smile at the thought. He settled on the bed and pointed at a door. "The bathroom is just through there if you want to take a look."


Gai-sensei? He lived with his teacher? Gaara knew very little about Japanese culture, his mother was from he country but his father was an American born and bred and he'd never really bothered him any history after his mother died and when he'd been sent to England Gaara had very little desire to learn himself. Thus he wasn't too sure if this was normal behaviour with students and pupils in Japan.

"I see... Well I won't move in right away, I need to way up my options first." He murmured as he crossed the room, inspecting it discretely before he peeked into the bathroom. It'll do. "It will do."


'There are other options?! Damn!' Lee stood and smiled at the red-head. "I understand. I do not suppose there is anything I could say to tempt you to chose this place?"


Gaara turned to look at him, his green eyes were either scathing or confused, depending on how well you knew him and no one knew him well. "...No." He wondered across to the window so he could check out the view and wasn't too upset with what he saw there. The apartment really wasn't that bad, much better than the hostel and at least here he'd have his own room... he'd just have company...

without an off switch.


"Oh, well! That is pretty much it, I suppose. The only other thing...we do have a balcony. I hope you do not mind, but I do tend to monopolise it. I virtually have a garden out there." Lee chuckled lightly. The red-head was hard to read. And so quiet. Too quiet. "Did you want to have a quick look? Unless you have somewhere you need to be?"


A garden? A garden would be nice... one thing he'd missed since moving to America was greenery, it seemed in the city it was very rare to have any kind of plan life. "I would like to see the balcony..." His eyes held a sparkle of interest but again it was almost imperceptible.


Lee's smile grew at the slight interest in the red-head's voice. So slight it was hardly noticeable. "Yosh! It is just through here..." He head Gaara back through the living room and pulled back the curtains. He opened the door and stepped out onto the balcony. It was fairly large, and, as he had said, almost entirely covered in plants. It even had a small fountain in one corner. "I come out here sometimes when the world gets a little too unfriendly. I like the city, but I do miss the open air."


Gaara followed him obediently not saying anything until he was outside appreciating the many types of flowers. "It's nice. The flowers must have taken time to care for." This was as close to a conversation Gaara got with a stranger, he was on his best behaviour after all.


Lee was startled at the sudden conversation, but pleased. "Yes, I have been caring for them ever since we moved here. But quite a few died over the last winter. It was very harsh. Sometimes we get animals coming up here too."


"...I see." Just what kind of animals? He dread to think. The small red head turned back to face the other man with his arms crossed looking rather defensive.  "That is all I need to see. Thank you, I shall contact you tomorrow with my decision."


"Oh. Yes, that sounds fine." Lee smiled and moved to the side to let Gaara through. "By the way, if you do not mind me asking, what exactly do you do?"


Gaara walked past him, "I direct porn," he was frank and not ashamed, his job was a job and the family business. He didn't mind his prospective flat mate knowing what he did.


Lee flushed red and stammered slightly. "O-oh...that...must be an interesting job-" 'Wait' "Um, I know I am prying...but by any chance...it is not with Discontinuing Inc. is it?" Lee didn't know of any other porn companies in the area...not that he'd looked.


"It is. I enjoy directing." Gaara ignored the flush rising in the man's face to rival his hair, "yes, yes I do work with them, am I to understand that by your reaction you also work for the company?"


"Um, I will be, yes. I have just got a job as a body double." Lee fought valiantly against the flush that was heating his face...but it was a loosing battle. "Maybe we will see each other there..."


Gaara nodded at him, yes it would be likely that they'd bump into one another, the company wasn't big and there weren't that many directors. There was a high chance that eventually Lee would be working with him. "Yes... perhaps." Was all he said though.


'Oh holy mother of...okay! Calm down! Just because you may have to get naked in front of this gorgeous man at some point is no cause to panic...AHHHHH!!!' "Yes!" Lee coughed. "Well, I suppose I shall hear from you tomorrow then?"


"Yes... I shall contact you when I'm aware of the situation. Good bye" He nodded his head and edged towards the door, the panicked gleam in the man's eyes was worrying him.


"Ah, yes!" Lee leant over him and pulled open the door. "Either way it was nice meeting you!" He watched as Gaara disappeared down the stairs and shut the door before collapsing on the floor with a moan. "I...am an idiot!"


At the bottom of the stairs Gaara paused and looked upwards, well at least he wasn't bad looking.