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17 September 2008 @ 06:37 pm
[Open log] Porn party  
Who: All those involved in 'Good boys don't wear thongs' plus friends and who ever else wants to perv on Iruka in a skirt *cough* I mean watch Iruka's debut heh...
Where: Kakashi's apartment
When: Wednesday 17th of September
Summary: Kakashi is hosting a party at his to watch his very first book to movie and Gaara and Iruka's first film. There will be pizza, beer and smut.
Warnings: They're watching porn, violence I imagine because both Kank and Gaara will be there and swearing because Kiba has a dirty mouth.

Kakashi had not been planning all day, he'd actually forgotten until he logged on to his journal and re-read his posts with Kiba and then checked his phone's out going messages. Whoops. So for the hour before everyone was supposed to be arriving he scrambled around his apartment stashing away the porn in piano stools and book cases, hoovering and cleaning the clothes from his sofa. He was a bit confused by the pink glittery thong he found behind his pillow but shrugged and stuffed it into a near by plant pot while he rang a certain reluctant star to ensure he was still coming.

All of this took around fifteen minutes, let it never be said Kakashi doesn't move quickly, he can and will if the situation calls for it. He spent the rest of the time in the kitchen whipping up a few cookies, some brownies and the obligatory pie (this time cherry because it made him chuckle, popping the cherry! Get it? No... hm) and rummaging around his cupboards for a few bottles of wine and cans of beer.
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writemesmutty: poutwritemesmutty on October 8th, 2008 07:59 pm (UTC)
Kakashi pouted, despite hollering to the room about the start of the film no one was getting their ass into gear and moving into the correct place for film view-age. Balancing the pizza box on his knee and a piece on top of that he whistled. Loudly. "Every one sit, I for one can't wait another moment to see my work of art on the not-so-silver screen," turning around in his chair he gestured at the two bodies hiding behind the bookcase.

"Lee, Hinata, sweetheart, you can resume the canoodling after the film. If you come over now I'll let you pet my bunny. Promise." With that he resettled himself and waited for the masses to mass and the feature film to begin.
Hinata Hyuuga: Oh noes!quietcomfort on October 8th, 2008 10:11 pm (UTC)
"Th-...THERE IS NO CANOODLING! ...And I am h-hereby s-setting up c-camp in your k-kitchen with m-my iPod." Hinata was a nice shade of crimson. She smiled at Lee in an embarrassed manner, trying to let him know it wasn't him, per se, just that...she didn't...and wasn't like...yeah.

...She wasn't entirely sure if he was talking about a real, live, animal rabbit, anyway.

...And, wonderful, he'd been sitting next to Kiba. This night was not going to end. She knew it. She slunk down to a sitting position by that cabinet, trying to dig out her headphones.
writemesmutty: confusedwritemesmutty on October 8th, 2008 11:00 pm (UTC)
The sight of Hinata all curled up on the floor was painful, poor thing, he had no idea she was so sensitive. Passing the pizza box to Kiba he quickly slipped from his seat to kneel in front of Hinata, offering the young lady a hand and scratching the back of his head with the other.

"Sorry sweetheart, I didn't mean to upset you. Come on, I'll get you something to distract you with... uh, wait there and I'll fetch Jr." With that the writer was out of the room only to return a few moments later with a large bundle of floppy fur in his hands and deposited into Hinata's. "This is Kakashi Jr. He's grumpy because I put him away all evening... If you fancy entertaining him for a while that would be lovely... only if you want to of course." He scratched at the back of his head again as he lent back on his heels.
Hinata Hyuuga: ...?quietcomfort on October 8th, 2008 11:07 pm (UTC)
Hinata bit her lip as Kakashi ran off. When he came back bearing a large bunny, she grinned, happily taking him.

"Ah, o-okay. I'd be h-happy to keep him happy f-for a bit." She smiled shyly up at Kakashi. "Ah...s-sorry for being a s-spoilsport...r-really I'm just here to s-support Gaara. And k-kinda Iruka too. I...d-don't really w-watch porn and I j-just..." She flushed again.

"Ah, b-but, I'll take care of Jr., I promise."
writemesmutty: hellowritemesmutty on October 8th, 2008 11:20 pm (UTC)
Kakashi smiled at the young lady in front of him, his eyes happily falling closed, "wonderful." Stroking the grumpy rabbit's ear he lent in a little to Hinata, "I wouldn't worry sweetheart, your much less tense than a certain photographer around here. Feel free to wonder hither and thither through out the place darling. Wouldn't want you feeling uncomfortable in the porn room." With that he stood up and returned to his spot on the couch, took back the pizza boxes and settled in for a good old fashioned porn party.