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an alternate universe naruto roleplay

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An AU Naruto RP that takes place in the sex industry.

discontinuing, inc

discontinuing, inc; (the dream)
born in the "spiritual home of pop culture," this small company also births the hopes and dreams of its many employees. some people here want fame and recognition, while others would do anything for a good paycheck. but everyone always wants a shot to become the next big, trendy thing. all you needed was the right people, place, and the right gimmick to catch people's eye.

but why would they seek such big hopes within a porn company?

the outsider sees discontinuing as an oddly-named porn company. why "stop" when sex was all about going? but in reality, its creators designed the name for a reason. and within its walls, workers and owners alike wish to change how the world sees sex and pornography. porn can be an art form, too. porn doesn't have to be mechanic and impersonal, nor does it only have take it's over-popular forms: movies and photographs. times are changing, and technology is getting better, stronger, and faster. people are getting bored with the past and desire new things. discontinuing wishes to end the "tried and true" that the public's been fed for years, and design itself into the adult company for the newest generation.

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