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17 September 2008 @ 06:37 pm
[Open log] Porn party  
Who: All those involved in 'Good boys don't wear thongs' plus friends and who ever else wants to perv on Iruka in a skirt *cough* I mean watch Iruka's debut heh...
Where: Kakashi's apartment
When: Wednesday 17th of September
Summary: Kakashi is hosting a party at his to watch his very first book to movie and Gaara and Iruka's first film. There will be pizza, beer and smut.
Warnings: They're watching porn, violence I imagine because both Kank and Gaara will be there and swearing because Kiba has a dirty mouth.

Kakashi had not been planning all day, he'd actually forgotten until he logged on to his journal and re-read his posts with Kiba and then checked his phone's out going messages. Whoops. So for the hour before everyone was supposed to be arriving he scrambled around his apartment stashing away the porn in piano stools and book cases, hoovering and cleaning the clothes from his sofa. He was a bit confused by the pink glittery thong he found behind his pillow but shrugged and stuffed it into a near by plant pot while he rang a certain reluctant star to ensure he was still coming.

All of this took around fifteen minutes, let it never be said Kakashi doesn't move quickly, he can and will if the situation calls for it. He spent the rest of the time in the kitchen whipping up a few cookies, some brownies and the obligatory pie (this time cherry because it made him chuckle, popping the cherry! Get it? No... hm) and rummaging around his cupboards for a few bottles of wine and cans of beer.
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writemesmutty: hellowritemesmutty on September 18th, 2008 01:46 pm (UTC)
Kakashi's eye twitched as Gaara shoved a bag of confectionery into his chest and the dvd, although the latter item he hugged to his chest like a new born child. "Oh its beautiful!" he exclaimed just as the other child waved at him and started squeeing over the view.

Now aint that adorable, not in the same way Iruka was adorable because that might have been pedophilic... he'd yet to been introduced to Hayate formally and therefore, had no idea how old he was. Still he couldn't help but want to snuggle him and maybe dress him up in a bunny suit, the fluffy kind, not the one with fishnets.

By the time the blond bomb shell made his entrance Kakashi was planning all kinds of skits involving the cute kid and scarier companion and as such was caught by surprise by the sudden announcement of the liquor delivery. Ooo yay.
"Hay good lookin' lemme take those for you have a..." he checked the bag with a frown and then grinned when he recognised what Gaara's gift included, "...a lolly, oh thanks kid!" He shouted over his shoulder and exchanged the drink for the sweets.
"Come in, Gaara arrived with the film,look! Isn't it pretty, might get it framed..." He waved the case with its artful script and a pair of Mary Janes on the front.