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17 September 2008 @ 06:37 pm
[Open log] Porn party  
Who: All those involved in 'Good boys don't wear thongs' plus friends and who ever else wants to perv on Iruka in a skirt *cough* I mean watch Iruka's debut heh...
Where: Kakashi's apartment
When: Wednesday 17th of September
Summary: Kakashi is hosting a party at his to watch his very first book to movie and Gaara and Iruka's first film. There will be pizza, beer and smut.
Warnings: They're watching porn, violence I imagine because both Kank and Gaara will be there and swearing because Kiba has a dirty mouth.

Kakashi had not been planning all day, he'd actually forgotten until he logged on to his journal and re-read his posts with Kiba and then checked his phone's out going messages. Whoops. So for the hour before everyone was supposed to be arriving he scrambled around his apartment stashing away the porn in piano stools and book cases, hoovering and cleaning the clothes from his sofa. He was a bit confused by the pink glittery thong he found behind his pillow but shrugged and stuffed it into a near by plant pot while he rang a certain reluctant star to ensure he was still coming.

All of this took around fifteen minutes, let it never be said Kakashi doesn't move quickly, he can and will if the situation calls for it. He spent the rest of the time in the kitchen whipping up a few cookies, some brownies and the obligatory pie (this time cherry because it made him chuckle, popping the cherry! Get it? No... hm) and rummaging around his cupboards for a few bottles of wine and cans of beer.
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Gaara: worriedgaarathegreat on September 29th, 2008 12:30 pm (UTC)
After fulfilling his duty as guest Gaara followed Hayate over to the other side of the room to look outside, it wasn't particularly awe inspiring but his friend seemed to have the ability to find the beauty in even the smallest things. Passing one of the lollies he snagged from his bag to Hayate he slowly unwrapped the other and slipped it between his mouth, it was green and tasted of apples. A good choice on his part.

It was around this point that his housemate and Sakura slipped inside, he'd been about to turn round so he might ask after his friend's health when the door opened again and Kankuro appeared. Instead Gaara found himself moving closer to his lover, self consciously seeking his comfort.
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Gaara: glaregaarathegreat on September 29th, 2008 12:44 pm (UTC)
Gaara looked down at the hand around his waist, frowned but allowed it, after what they'd done a few hours ago he couldn't get too angry with Hayate for wanting to be close. He didn't mind it that much, the other small man didn't smother him as others would and really it was very hard to be mad at him.

Hayate's question drew him from dark thoughts regarding his sibling, with a crease of his brow he walked with him across the living room into the small kitchen where Iruka and Hinata were hiding. "I thought you didn't drink beer..." he pulled a bottle out for himself and waited for his friend to get what he wanted before he opened it.
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Hinata Hyuuga: Inside Looking Outquietcomfort on October 1st, 2008 06:56 am (UTC)
((ooc: Hina drove Haya, silly~.))

Hinata caught the wave and offered a smile and a small wave herself. She had no idea why he was waving, but what the hell. She chewed her lip a little, wondering if she would be permitted to snoop about the kitchen.

Seeing as it would be her hiding place for the next...hour or two. She didn't care if the film was nowhere near that long. In the meantime, she just leaned on the counter and tapped her nails on it quietly, chewing her lip. She was fine with sitting back and watching and listening to the others interact.