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13 September 2008 @ 09:32 pm
[Closed Log] New Roommates  
Who; Gaara and Lee
Where; Lee's Apartment
What; Gaara's moving in!
When; Saturday, 13th September, morning.
Warnings; None.


Lee was in a panic. That's all there was to it. He'd tidied and re-tided the house about four times now, trying to create a chilling atmosphere, but it just wasn't working. It didn't help that he kept finding odd items of Gai-Sensei's lying around (including a pair of boxers that stank...Lee had thrown them). He had also tried six different hiding places for the portfolio Iruka had made him. He knew if he put them in his room he'd loose them! "Oh, god, okay, oh, god, okay...GYA! Get a hold of yourself!" He yelled, freezing when he heard the bell. "Oh nuts."


Gaara hoiked up his bags on his shoulder and finished climbing the last few steps to his new apartment. Hinata had offered to help moving things but he'd told her not to worry, although he'd eventually accepted a lift. He'd enjoyed his time at Hinata's but he was looking forward to having his own room and no cats. ...

He put down one of his bags and knocked at the door, he travelled light with two bags, one lap top a box and his cactus.


Lee took several deep calming breaths and firmly resolved not to act like an idiot when he opened the door. "Gaara! How are you...you have a cactus!" ... 'Oh fantastic!' His brain groaned. '"You have a cactus"...great opening line'.


Gaara blinked once, twice... "Yes..." He did have a cactus, he hoped that wasn't going to be an issue because he was rather attached to his cactus. "Do you have an allergy?" He asked as he bent down to pick up his other bag.


"Oh! No no no!" Lee grinned. "I like Cacti. They are a very interesting plant! Is yours an indoor one?" Inner Lee continued to pound his head against a wall. Outer Lee never swore. Inner Lee was another matter. 'Oh for fuck's sake! You are talking about Cacti you idiot!'


“Yes...he...it is kept indoors." He blinked again, trying to will the blush from rising on his cheek for nearly referring to George as a person. "...Can I come in?"


"Oh, right! Sorry!" Lee moved out of the way and moved to take one of Gaara's bags.


Gaara allowed his odd new flat mate to take his bags from him as he edged inside, hugging the cactus to his chest.


Lee edged past Gaara (and the cactus) and carried the bags into Gaara's new room. "I hope the colours in here are alright. You can change them, if you like." He smiled. Green wasn't everyone's favourite colour, after all. But the sky blue ceiling was nice, he thought.


Gaara followed Lee to his new bedroom and cringed at the colouring causing the tattoo on his forehead to wrinkle. Blue and Green? Not that Gaara stuck to fashion rules but had this man never heard of that old rhyme? "I might paint it..." He placed George down on his window sill and then turned to face Lee... what was the rules regarding how he was meant to behave now?


Lee nodded. "Well, the room is yours now to do as you like! If you need help, let me know. Though," he glanced upwards "I would keep the ceiling...it matches your eyes..." He suddenly flushed bright red and coughed, hurrying out of the room. "R-Right then! I had better, uh, show you where everything is!"


Gaara looked around, casting his gaze around the place with new eyes. "I will... thank you." The comment about his eyes made him frown and glance across at the odd man slowly turning an alarming shade of red, wisely he said nothing. Barely catching what Lee said as he dashed out of the room Gaara assumed he wanted him to follow and did so at a slower and more cautious pace.


Lee's brain was rebelling. 'You fucking idiot! How the hell did you ever get laid?!' "Oh shut up..." He muttered to himself. He noted that Gaara was following him and led him into the front room. "Well, the main phone is in here, but if you like I can get an extension for your room. There is also the T.V, radio...all the usual." He moved into the kitchen, not noticing he had left Iruka's portfolio on the table. "Everything is pretty much kept in cupboards since the space is so small." He pointed to one. "Any personal cups and such, you can put in there, but feel free to use whatever you want."


Gaara followed, gazing at everything that was pointed out at him, "no an extension wont be necessary, I have no one I need to ring." The kitchen seemed clean and well organised which he appreciated, "thanks."


"Ah, no problem." Lee scratched the back of his head nervously. "Anything else you need to know?"


"...no." He blinked and crossed his arms, tilting his head to one side as he watched his new house mate fuss. Gaara couldn't help but wonder if he was this nervous all the time.


"Well, then. Did you want a cup of tea or something?" Lee was running out of things to say...which was never good...because then Inner Lee tended to make comments.


"Tea would be nice, if you have English breakfast." That was a good start, a very good start.


"I can make some!" Lee grinned triumphantly. Few knew that he was actually a good cook. "It will just be a little while. Go on through to the living room, I will bring the tea through in a moment." Lee began to open cupboards and pull out various cooking equipment.


Gaara nodded and did as his host...flat mate requested, heading into the living room to take a seat on the sofa. He regarded the room carefully, it was simple but comfortable... It was around this point that the red head caught sight of the portfolio on the coffee table. Now Gaara wasn't one to pry but there was nothing else to read and he was curious as to what work the other man had done in the past and whether he could use him in future movies. Slowly he turned the front page and... his cheeks blossomed a pale red colour, not quite as vivid as his hair. Well at least his new flat mate was aesthetically pleasing.


Lee hurried around the kitchen, waiting for the kettle to boil impatiently. He hoped Gaara was finding some way of keeping himself entertained...


Gaara flicked through portfolio appreciating the camera man's work and the poses he'd put Lee in, the dark haired man looked remarkably sexy in the photographs and without all the green. He was particularly impressed with the standing full frontal.


Lee grinned as the kettle finally boiled and he poured the water into the teapot. He set it on a tray with Milk, sugar and honey (he had no idea what Gaara liked) and set two cups on it before wandering into the living room. And nearly dropping the tray. Gaara had his portfolio. 'Oh fuck...' He swallowed loudly and forced himself to set the tea down without looking at the red-head once. "Okay then..." He murmured, and wandered back into the kitchen to have a panic attack.


Gaara glanced upwards as Lee entered the room with the tray in hand and nosily placed it down, the taller man looked shell shocked and the young director was rather confused why he'd suddenly changed temperament. In the back of his mind he wondered if perhaps Lee was bi-polar. When he ran out of the room once again... unsure what to say Gaara closed the book and poured out two cups.


Lee was periodically banging his head against the kitchen worktop. "You-bang-are-bang-such-bang-an-bang-IDIOT-BANG!" The final bang made his eyesight fuzzy and he decided (wisely) that he had punished himself enough, for now. He'd do 500 push-ups later. Right now, he had to figure out some way of getting the folder back from Gaara...without making himself seem even more of a fool


...It sounded like Lee was hitting himself with something hard. After adding the milk to the tea he edged towards the kitchen to peer inside as Lee hit his head for the final time on the counter and berated himself. "Can I help you?"


Lee jumped at the voice and turned to see Gaara staring at him with a quizzical look on his face. He tried to smile only to wince when a small, warm trail of something wet made its way down from his forehead. "Oh nuts." He growled, raising a hand to the cut. "I am sorry, I will be with you in a minute." He began to search the cupboards for a plaster.


"Have you cut yourself?" Gaara squinted trying to see what Lee was clinging to, he really should just get contacts... but he'd never liked things which touched his eye balls. they just weren't natural. He moved closer, brushing Lee's hands away from the cupboards so he could grab his chin and yank the much taller man's head down. The red head peered closely at the cut before he backed Lee up onto a stool. "It's not safe to bang your head like that. You could get a concussion." He tsked and pulled a bag of frozen peas from the freezer, wrapped it in a tea towel and pressed it to Lee's head. "Hold." He then searched the cupboards himself for a plaster.


Lee silently obeyed every forceful push and instruction Gaara gave him. Mentally, he was screaming in frustration. He was acting like a girl! "It is fine! Really!" He tried to chuckle. "Gai-Sensei often says that if I had anything to damage it would have broken long ago!"


"Gai-sensei should be more careful..." he murmured as he finally found a plaster and crossed over to where Lee was propped up on a stool, from the other man's new position Gaara could easily reach his forehead from his 5'4.5''. "Why were you punishing yourself?" He asked, his voice quiet, pulling the freezer bag away he carefully stuck the plaster over the wound.


Lee flushed red again as the man's fingers gently applied the plaster. "Oh, I...um..." He looked away, biting his lip. "I should not have left the folder out. I am sorry you found it." He stared fixedly at a point on the wall, much like he had when Iruka had photographed him. It helped now as it had helped then. "I meant to put it somewhere safe...I am sorry you had to see it."


Gaara crossed his arms over his chest and frowned at the other man from his position standing between Lee's legs, unaware of the intimacy of the pose. "You do realise I work in the porn industry Lee? Naked bodies are work. I was considering you for my next film."


Lee's eyes stayed fixed on the wall, but the flush spread down his neck at Gaara's words. "W-what? Why?! I...I am not good-looking, my body is scarred and I go red at the mention of-of...ANYTHING!"


"If you're that concerned about your appearance why did you apply for a position as a body double in a porn company?" Gaara frowned and looked over his shoulder to see what Lee was distracted by and then back at the other man once again.


"I did not...I was applying as a stunt man. I just put an advert out! But one of the pictures I included had me with my top off, and I just got a call. The money sounded good, and I thought it would just be like stunt work...except," he was NOT going to Cry. That would just be too embarrassing. Like, ritual suicide embarrassing "now they've told me exactly what my job includes. I'm just there in case someone does not feel well on the day, or as a 'stunt-cock'. I need the money, and I have already made friends, but it is...hard for me." He bit his lip. "I do not expect you to understand...how could you? You are...very beautiful. So is everyone else at the company. I am just...me."


Gaara tilted his head to one side, he could see the other man welling up, or at least his eyes getting shiny which made him feel a bit awkward. He'd never been good with emotions, neither his or other peoples... "I don't act in films Lee, my appearance is irrelevant. You wouldn't have been hired if they didn't consider you aesthetically pleasing." He gave his flatmate a plain look and left the room to collect the two mugs of tea and then returned passing one steaming cup to Lee. Tea helped... or so he'd heard.


Lee sniffed back the tears and drew a hand over his eyes when he felt Gaara leave the room. He gave a sigh. Strange as it sounded, it felt better, for having ranted a bit. He took the tea from Gaara and gave him a genuine soft smile. "Thank you...I am sorry I off-loaded on you. It has been a strange week." He chuckled.


Gaara shrugged off Lee's apology and supped his tea, pleased for the steaming hot distraction. He was still unsure as to what he should do now, was he meant to pat Lee on the shoulder? Embrace him? the red head wasn't fond of either idea because it meant he needed to up his quote for bodily contact that day. Well he'd gotten him tea, that was enough... he hoped.


Lee reached a leg out to pull out another stool for Gaara. "Here. So, were you serious?" He took a sip of the tea, and frowned. How the hell did Gaara know how he liked it? "About me being in one of your films?"


Gaara took the offered seat and levered himself up using the side and the foot rest, he really did hate being so short. He nodded at the question, if he didn't mean it why would he say it? Foolish question "You have the sort of appearance the audience will appreciate, your muscular form, torso length and then size of your penis. Have you considered acting yet?"


Lee nearly spat his mouthful of tea out again. 'The size of my...oh god!' "And the scars," he stammered "will not be a problem?"


"The scars make you different, a quirk which makes you stand out from the crowd. Have you acted in films before?" Gaara sipped his tea, comfortable talking business rather than feelings...


Lee shook his head. "No...not exactly. I did a few stunts a while back, but that does not require much acting skills. But um," he worried his inner cheek "I am not sure if I would be suitable for those types of films...it depends."


"Why?" Gaara asked, more abruptly than he should have, pulling his legs up to hook his heels on edge of the seat.


"Well...I am not a one-night stand sort of person...I am not sure I could just have sex with someone without any of the emotions behind it." Lee explained, but even as he said it, his mind was whirring. Sure, he disliked one-night stands, but if he was friends with the people he had sex with...he had been in a 'fuck-buddy' relationship in his teens. Maybe this wouldn't be much different. Just one more detail..."Um, would I be expected to be a seme?" Lee fixed his eyes to a point on the wall again. "I mean you said my...size, was part of my appeal...does that mean I would always be expected to seme?"

"If you want me with a man, that is!" He quickly added.


Gaara was taken aback by the sudden blur of questions, he'd never understood the emotional attachment people seemed to make with sex and sexual relationships. Sex was sex was business. "You would be what ever the script called for Lee, the size of your penis was only part of your aesthetic appeal. Would you mind doing gay films?"


Lee shook his head. "No, I am bi. It took me a while to realise, but," he shrugged "I just realised I can see the beauty and worth in both men and women. But I have never been a seme. So I would be acting...how is it put? 'On the fly?'. I know it is different to bedding a woman." He looked up at his roommate. "If you do not mind me asking, what is your preference?"


He sipped his tea and placed the cup on the counter top "I don't have a preference." Gaara put it simply, because he didn't. He never really felt any attraction to particular parts of men or women, he just appreciated particular bodies.


"Oh." Lee downed the rest of his tea. No preference...did that mean he didn't mind? Or wasn't bothered. Similar as they sounded there was a difference between the two. "Well, I suppose you can have your pick." He smiled. "I would love to be in one of your films. Thank you." He took a breath and bravely reached out to place his hand over Gaara's...but bottled it at the last moment and pick up the cup instead. "Well! I owe you a breakfast, I think!" He smiled and began to fuss with various meats and eggs. "I hope this is alright. It is as 'British' as I get! We visited when I was younger. It is a beautiful country. But I loved the food!" Lee laughed. "Is that where you are from? I thought I recognised a slight accent, but it is well hidden."


Gaara nodded when Lee finally agreed to the possibility of being in a film and picked up his own mug only to have Lee take it away as he started to babble about cooking breakfast. The young red head frowned, he wasn't sure how he could tell the man he didn't like to eat much when he'd become so excited about cooking... especially after he'd been so depressed only a few moments ago. "Thank you but I don't eat meat..." He slipped from his stool so he might wash his hands and help with the preparation, "I went to school there after my father died ten years ago."


"Oh, I am sorry to hear that." Lee flashed a sad smile over his shoulder. "Do you eat eggs at least? It is bad not to have some protein in your diet. I am afraid you will have to put up with a carnivore as a roommate."


"Don't be, he did it to himself" he'd long ago over come his fathers death "I don't mind, I'll just have a slice of toast but you continue. May I help?"


Lee was surprised at Gaara's nonchalance over his father's demise...but it was obviously something the red-head didn't want to talk about. "Sure." Lee grinned. "You know how to use a toaster, right? They did not do everything for you in England?" He teased lightly.


"I'm sure I can manage it..." He quipped back, aware that Lee was making some kind of joke but seeing the funny side himself. He placed one slice of bread into the toaster and lent against the side so he might watch Lee potter around.


Lee chuckled. So the red-head did have a sense of humour, hidden under the monotone voice. 'Good!' He was going to need it. "Sunny-side up, or over-easy?" He asked.


Gaara frowned, unsure what the dark haired man was referring to "...I'm uh, sorry?"


Lee laughed out loud. A loud, but happy sound. "The eggs? You've never heard that expression? I am going to force you to eat at least one. You really are too thin you know." He gave a grin over his shoulder. "Why do I get the feeling you do not apologise too often?"


Gaara was a little taken aback by the sudden laugh, unsure of the reason for the bout of good humour. "I'm not too skinny, I just don't need to eat much." He grumbled, sounds more like he was ten years old than the eighteen years he actually was. The grin startled him as well, "I have little reason to apologise, although I don't understand how you gathered that from our conversation alone."


Lee shook his head to himself. "I am good at reading people." He smiled at the eggs as he tossed them. "It is a gift. That is what Gai-Sensei tells me. I can just tell some things sometimes. Like, you do not like it when things do not go your way. You hate having to repeat yourself, and you do quite understand why people sometimes do things that seem unnecessary to you." He looked back over his shoulder. "Am I right?"


"You mean like telling me what I already know?" Gaara quipped the corner of his mouth turning up at his own joke, it was at that moment that the toast popped and the red head turned away from Lee's smirking expression to pull a plate from the cupboard so he could place his dry slice of toast on it. With that he took his seat and watched as Lee continued his cooking nibbling on the bread as he did so.


Lee gave another laugh. "Exactly!" He tilted his head to one side. "You should smile more often. Ah! Here we are!" He moved the eggs onto a plate and settled on the stool. "Here. Try one." He forked it onto Gaara's plate. "Try and I promise not to force-feed you again for...a whole week."


Gaara glared at the offending egg as it was pushed onto his plate, with an almost pouty expression he glanced upwards at the other man and then back down at his plate. Sulkily he dipped the corner of his toast into the yoke and nibbled at it, mumbling a childish "thanks" as he did so.


Lee watched as Gaara nibbled at the egg-covered toast. "Good?" He asked, swallowing his own mouthful.


"mm" Gaara replied, some how feeling like a child being watched over by a nanny once again. It was true that he often neglected his health and avoided eating properly for the sake of ease satisfying his waning tastes but he'd grown used to it having basically looked after himself since leaving America the first time. He dipped toast once more and nibbled it again.


"I am glad." Lee smiled. Gaara was going to be an interesting roommate...but despite his earlier fears, he thought they might get on quite well.